Short Anime Film about Japanese ancient myth: The Hyuga Episode of Kojiki

This is a short anime film, “The Hyuga Episode of Kojiki” by Koji Yamamura. “Kojiki” is a collection of Japanese ancient myths, written and composed in the early 8th century. This “Hyuga Episode” is about the story how Japan made by gods.


The Hyuga Episode of Kojiki


Japan’s oldest chronicle, Kojiki or “Record of Ancient Matters” was compiled in 712. It begins with the creation myth and the emergence of gods. 4 episode where were located at Hyuga, “The Cleansing””Sun Goddess Amaterasu””Blooming Flowers” and “Umisachi and Yamasachi” were made into animation.


The Kojiki contains various songs/poems. While the historical records and myths are written in a form of Chinese with a heavy mixture of Japanese elements, the songs are written with Chinese characters that are only used to convey sounds. This special use of Chinese characters is called Man’yōgana, a knowledge of which is critical to understanding these songs, which are written in Old Japanese.

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