7 Delicious Japanese Foods From Kyushu

Japan-based Youtuber, Micaela Braithwaite introduces 7 Delicious Japanese Foods From Kyushu to you. She is living in Fukuoka, Kyushu in Japan and working as a TV personality. Kyushu is the southwest island, and has a big variety of foods.

Here is the list.

Buri no Ryukyu (marinated yellowtail) from Oita prefecture

Ika no Mentai zume (squid stuffed with spicy cod roe) from Fukuoka prefecture

Ayu no Shioyaki (grilled freshwater trout) from Kumamoto prefecture

Kuromaguro (tuna) from Kagoshima prefecture

Beer stew with Saga beef from Saga prefecture

Kurobuta no Sumibiyaki (charcoal grilled pork) from Miyazaki prefecture

Suigyoza (boiled dumpling) from Nagasaki prefecture

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